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Lung Cancer Stage 2

Stage 2

Discover out what stage 2 lung cancer means and about therapies.

The stage of a cancer tells you the way huge it’s and whether or not it has unfold. It helps your physician determine which treatment you want. It could actually additionally give some thought of your outlook (prognosis).

Stage 2 is a part of the quantity staging system. It may be divided into stage 2A and 2B. A part of the affected lung might need collapsed.

Stage 2A

Stage 2A implies that the cancer is between 4cm and 5cm in measurement however there aren’t any cancer cells in any lymph nodes.

Stage 2B

Stage 2B implies that the cancer is as much as 5cm in dimension and there are cancer cells within the lymph nodes near the affected lung.

Or it’s between 5cm and 7cm however there are not any cancer cells in any lymph nodes.

Or the cancer is just not in any lymph nodes however has unfold into a number of of the next areas:

  • the chest wall (ribs, muscle or pores and skin)
  • the nerve near the lung (the phrenic nerve)
  • the layers that cowl the center (mediastinal pleura and parietal pericardium)

Or the cancer is lower than 7cm however there’s a couple of tumour in the identical lobe of the lung.

TNM Stages

The TNM staging system stands for Tumour, Node, Metastasis.

  • T describes the dimensions of the tumour
  • N describes whether or not there are any cancer cells within the lymph nodes
  • M describes whether or not the cancer has unfold to a special a part of the physique

Within the TNM staging system stage 2A is similar as:

  • T2b, N0, M0

Stage 2B is similar as one of many following:

  • T1a-c, N1, M0
  • T2a-b, N1, M0
  • T3, N0, M0


The stage of your cancer helps your physician to determine which treatment you want. Treatment additionally is determined by:

  • your sort of cancer (the kind of cells the cancer began in)
  • the place the cancer is
  • different well being circumstances that you’ve got

The treatment for small cell lung cancer is completely different to the treatment for non small cell lung cancer.

Non small cell lung cancer

When you have surgical procedure

If you’re match sufficient, you normally have surgical procedure to take away:

  • a part of your lung (a lobectomy, segmentectomy or wedge resection)
  • all the lung (pneumonectomy)

After surgical procedure, your physician may counsel you’ve gotten chemotherapy to decrease the prospect of your cancer coming again. That is known as adjuvant chemotherapy.

If the surgeon couldn’t take away all of the cancer you may need radiotherapy after your operation.

If you cannot have surgical procedure

In case you aren’t match sufficient for surgical procedure you may need:

  • radiotherapy
  • or chemotherapy with radiotherapy (chemoradiation)

Small cell lung cancer

The primary treatment is chemotherapy, adopted by radiotherapy to the chest.

In case you are match sufficient you might need chemoradiotherapy. This implies you’ve chemotherapy concurrently radiotherapy.

After you end treatment, you may need radiotherapy to your head. This treatment is known as prophylactic cranial radiotherapy (PCR). You might have this as a result of it’s fairly frequent for small cell lung cancer to unfold to the mind. The radiotherapy goals to kill any cancer cells which will have already unfold to the mind however are nonetheless too small to see on scans.

You might have may need prophylactic cranial radiotherapy if:

  • your chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment has stopped your cancer rising
  • you might be nicely sufficient

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