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Managing Treatment Side Effects

The physique’s response to chemotherapy, radiation, or focused therapies is determined by quite a few components resembling size of therapy, dosage prescribed, and an individual’s well being historical past. Most unwanted side effects are brief time period, however some can final all through your therapy and even for a while afterward. Though unwanted side effects may be uncomfortable or painful, docs now have some ways to cut back and even stop unintended effects from therapy.

The next are potential negative effects chances are you’ll expertise and assets that will help you handle:

Blood clots

Folks with cancer are in danger for creating blood clots for numerous causes, however steps could be taken to forestall and deal with blood clots.

Bone points

Cancer that begins in or spreads to the bones can result in bone ache and a rise in danger for issues, together with weakening of the bone, fractures, and excessive calcium ranges within the blood. Cancer remedies may additionally have an effect on your bones.


Issues with reminiscence and focus, together with a normal feeling of not functioning as properly mentally as traditional, are informally referred to by sufferers as chemobrain.

Dental points

Unintended effects from cancer therapy could embrace tooth decay and different mouth points, together with dry mouth and mouth sores. It’s necessary to deal with any dental issues you could have, particularly earlier than starting therapy, but in addition throughout and after with each your treating doctor and dentist.


Outlined as two or extra free bowel actions per day, diarrhea could also be brought on by some kinds of chemotherapy and radiation to sure areas of the physique. There are a lot of issues you are able to do to assist management diarrhea.


Fatigue is essentially the most generally reported facet impact of cancer and its therapy. Be sure that to report fatigue to your well being care staff in order that all the things might be performed to handle it.

Hair loss

Hair loss from chemotherapy therapy happens as a result of hair follicles are weakened by chemotherapy, which causes your hair to fall out rather more shortly than it will usually.


Individuals with cancer who’ve undergone lymph node elimination and/or radiation as a part of their therapy are in danger for creating lymphedema, a painful swelling that occurs when your physique’s lymphatic fluid is unable to flow into correctly and builds up in your gentle tissues as an alternative.

Mouth sores

“Oral mucositis” refers to mouth sores attributable to irritation of the mucosa—the delicate tissues that cowl the tongue and within the mouth, and could be a severe aspect impact of chemotherapy therapy.

Nausea and vomiting

Whereas many people who find themselves handled for cancer expertise nausea and vomiting, medicines exist that may assist management these unintended effects.


Some individuals who obtain chemotherapy expertise numbness or tingling of their arms and toes, what medical doctors name peripheral neuropathy.


In case you are experiencing ache because of your cancer or its therapy, it’s best to know that managing this ache is a vital a part of your total care and needs to be delivered to the eye of your doctor. They could discover it useful to offer a referral to a ache administration specialist.


A sort of focused therapy that blocks epidermal growth issue receptors (EGFRs) typically causes rashes and different bothersome pores and skin situations.

Weight reduction or acquire

Cancer therapies can normally result in weight reduction, however individuals with cancer also can expertise weight achieve from chemotherapy therapy, steroid medicines, and hormone remedy.

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