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Terms to Know: Cancer Glossary

A cancer prognosis turns an individual’s world the other way up. This reality sheet defines varied cancer-related phrases.

Benign: Not cancerous.

Caregiver: If you’re serving to to look after a cherished one, you’re a “caregiver.”

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy or ‘chemo’ is a kind of treatment that makes use of medicine to cease and kill quickly rising cancer cells.

Scientific trials: Analysis research that consider new medicine or procedures on folks dwelling with cancer are referred to as scientific trials. Every examine is fastidiously designed to enhance or create new strategies of screening, prevention, analysis, or treatment of a cancer.

Colonoscopy: A process that examines the colon for cancer is known as a colonoscopy. A health care provider will insert a skinny tube into the rectum to view the colon and display for cancer.

Constipation: Outlined as fewer than three bowel actions every week (though fewer than 4 or 5 could also be a decreased quantity for some folks), this symptom will be attributable to:

• Chemotherapy
• Low fluid consumption
• Low quantities of fiber within the weight loss plan
• Anti-nausea drugs
• Opiate ache medicines

Diarrhea: Outlined as two or extra free stools per day, diarrhea could also be attributable to sure chemotherapy medication.

Fatigue: Feeling drained—actually drained—could also be tied to plenty of elements:

• Cancer treatment
• The cancer itself
• The emotional points of dealing with cancer and cancer ache
• Anemia (low ranges of purple blood cells, the iron-containing cells that carry important oxygen from the lungs to the muscle tissues and different tissues within the physique)

Lymphedema: Lymphedema is a painful swelling that occurs when your physique’s lymphatic fluid is unable to flow into correctly and builds up in your gentle tissues as an alternative. It often happens in an arm or leg.

Oncology nurse: A well being care skilled who cares for an individual with cancer by offering bedside care, getting ready and administering remedies, offering supportive care, and educating the individual with cancer and their household about their cancer, therapies, and uncomfortable side effects.

Oncology social employee: Oncology social staff are professionals who counsel folks affected by cancer and assist them entry sensible help. They’ll present particular person counseling, help teams, find companies that assist with residence care or transportation, and information individuals by way of the method of making use of for Social Safety incapacity or different types of help. CancerCare’s oncology social employees can be found to assist face-to-face, on-line or on the phone, freed from cost.

Malignant: Cancerous.

Mammogram: Crucial screening check for breast cancer is the mammogram. A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. It might detect breast cancer earlier than the tumor could be felt by you or your physician.

Medical oncologist: A physician who makes a speciality of diagnosing and treating cancers with chemotherapy, focused therapies and different remedies. They handle cancer treatment and coordinate with the treatment group.

Metastasize: To unfold.

Mucositis: Chemotherapy could cause sores contained in the mouth and on the mucous lining of the throat and digestive tract. These sores are referred to as mucositis.

Neutropenia: An unusually low variety of neutrophils, a kind of infection-fighting white blood cell.

Peripheral neuropathy: Some folks on chemotherapy expertise numbness or tingling of their palms and toes—what medical doctors name peripheral neuropathy. Signs associated to neuropathy and different forms of nerve injury could embody:

• Problem selecting up objects or buttoning clothes
• Issues with stability
• Problem strolling
• Listening to loss

Palliative care: That is specialised medical take care of individuals with severe diseases. It focuses on offering reduction from the signs, ache and stress of a severe sickness, together with cancer. The objective is to enhance high quality of life for each the affected person and family members.

Prostate examination: For this check, additionally known as a digital rectal examination, the physician inserts a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum and feels the floor of the prostate for any lumps, swelling or different abnormalities.

Radiation remedy: Any such remedy makes use of high-energy x-rays or different varieties of radiation to destroy cancer cells or preserve them from rising.

Focused remedies: One of these treatment blocks cancer cells’ capacity to develop, divide and unfold.

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